Meet Violet Christensen, Learning and Technology Coach

Hi Violet!  Tell us about your background.

I am originally from the Chicago area. But I grew up in the mountains in Evergreen, CO. I attended the University of Northern Colorado for my Elementary Education degree. I spent a decade teaching third grade in two different districts before becoming a Learning & Technology Coach in SVVSD. I love all things elementary but third grade has a special place in my heart!

What does a typical day look like for you as a Learning and Technology Coach?

This question does not fit my job well. Everyday is different in this role! That is half the fun of it. I have days I am at specific sites, but I never know exactly what is in store for me on any given day. The key is to be flexible! Teachers sign up for time in my appointment calendar and that calendar is what runs my day. I meet with teachers around instruction and creativity in the classroom.  I help plan, reflect, and extend lessons. I coach, collaborate, co-teach, and consult with teachers. I love working with students too. I meet with principals around their needs and vision for their staff.  I also typically have a few courses I am teaching to check in on after I am home for the night and finish up any other loose ends. Being an L&TC is a challenging role, but it is also amazing to see how much you can do to help a staff feel supported or try new things in instruction.

What aspect of your job do you enjoy the most?

Human connection is the best part for me. I love to support educators. It is really gratifying when you can help a teacher think through a difficult lesson or situation. I love planning and reflecting with them. I enjoy being the layer of support that can help educators in their classrooms. It is gratifying to work with them to enhance teaching and learning for students!

Tell us about a project or activity at your school(s) that you're excited about,.

One project that I am really excited about that touches many schools is the InterDistrict Coaching Collaborative. This is a professional development course that supports instructional coaches at many different schools, in many districts, around the nation, and even Mexico. It is incredible to see the amount of connection and growth that come when you bring together some truly incredible coaches for intentional practice time! We are able to reflect on our practices, refine our skillset, and elevate our craft!

If I wasn't a teacher, I would be a.....

I would be a wedding planner. I think my detail oriented nature would really play as an asset in that field of work. It would be incredible to create beautiful spaces and make people happy!

What do you like to do for fun?

I really love hanging out with my family. We have two little girls ages 2 and 4! We love walks, movies, gardening, and cooking together! I also enjoy photography, snowboarding and reading.