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Over 750 St Vrain teachers, administrators and staff have taken the STEP (Student Teacher Emergenetics Program) Great Minds Do Not Think Alike seminar. This workshop, also known as "Meeting of the Minds," is based on Emergenetics, the "New Science of Success." Participants learn about their behavior and thinking preferences through a seven-attribute psychometric tool and how those preferences can be used to increase communication skills, as well as build trust and more cognitively diverse teams.

The Office of Professional Development has held trainings on weekends for teachers.  In addition, district schools, including Timberline PK-8, Thunder Valley K-8, Mead High, Columbine Elementary, Frederick High, Sanborn Elementary, Olde Columbine, and the Career Development Center have embedded the trainings as part of their PLC’s and Professional Development hours. Teams such as Managers of Community Schools and District Technology Services have taken the seminar to help build rapport with department staff.

If you are interested in taking the seminar, look for winter/spring sessions in December on CourseWhere, the Office of Professional Development course registration site. If your principal is interested in bringing this training to your school, please contact Patty Hagan at hagan_patricia@svvsd.org.

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Over 750 St Vrain teachers, administrators an

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