English Learner PD Requirements


  • The Colorado State Board of Education adopted new rules in June 2018 requiring educators with elementary, and/or secondary math, science, social studies and English language arts endorsements to complete 45 clock hours or three semester hours in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) Education professional development (PD) within their next five-year license renewal cycle.
  • This new mandate does not apply to teachers holding early childhood, art, music, physical education, special education, counseling, CTE, CLD and other types of licenses.
  • Teachers will have a full renewal cycle to complete the requirements.  See the chart at this link.
  • SVVSD teachers can use a combination of SIOP Training hours and e-Workshops offered through UC Denver to complete this requirement.  Teachers who choose this option will receive a certificate from SVVSD stating that they have completed their English Learner PD Requirements.
  • For educators with previous CLD training or professional development, the English Learner PD Standards Matrix (XLS) must be completed and submitted with the professional license renewal application.
    • Past PD can be counted, even if it was already used to satisfy license renewal requirements.
    • Of the 45 clock/contact hours CLD requirement, up to 10 clock hours (equivalent) of relevant work experience can be counted toward this requirement. For work experience, a signed letter from the relevant supervisory verifying the work experience must be submitted along with the matrix.