The Learning Professional, the journal of Learning Forward, has published a story submitted by the St. Vrain Office of Professional Development.  Replay-Reflect-Refine explains the use of video-based coaching to accelerate teacher growth in St. Vrain.  

Licenses were purchased in 2014 for a video platform that allows teachers, coaches, and administrators to upload video and pause at specific points to add comments, questions, and notes.  The article describes what coaches have learned about how to use video effectively and efficiently to accelerate the growth of teachers in our district. 

Video supports this growth by allowing teachers to have multiple views of a lesson or series of lessons to analyze data, set purposeful goals, and see changes over time. Having a cohort of teachers watching each other teach has encouraged conversations about expectations and student achievement.  Teachers rapidly move from thinking about “What am I doing?” to “What evidence of learning do I see in my students?” Using video to analyze their own practice transforms the process from watching a video as an exemplar to watching with the intent to deeply understand their teaching and their students, so they can continue to grow as teachers.

Teachers in St. Vrain see the value of video as a tool for observing, data collecting, reflecting, refining, and improving their practice. The power of video has accelerated the learning curve for new and veteran teachers alike by combining the power of watching video with observational frameworks.  Video removes many of the time and distance barriers to peer collaboration and feedback.